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Anthropocene in museums workshop

Anthropocene in museums workshop

Above Participants tour the Gallery of First Australians, National Museum of Australia Photo: Cameron Muir

Curators and researchers from the National Museum of Australia, Western Australian Museum, Museums Victoria and the Australian Museum met in Canberra on Friday 23 June 2017 to discuss our projects and explore the approaches we are taking to the concept of the Anthropocene.

In the morning we presented our projects, including the national Museum’s permanent gallery, Life in Australiaa, and the temporary/touring exhibition, Localising the Anthropocene. In the next session we shared audience research findings and discussed possibilities for collaboration. We spent the afternoon planning for the Eco Cities and Ideas Lab conferences.

Some of the questions we explored:

  • What are we working on?
  • What do we mean when use the term Anthropocene?
  • Who are our audiences?
  • What further audience research are we undertaking?
  • Can we find opportunities for collaboration?


Western Australian Museum

Bliss Jensen, Creative Director, New Museum Project

Alice Ryder, Senior Project Officer, Audience Advocate, New Museum Project

Museums Victoria

Kate Phillips, Senior Curator, Science Exhibitions, Sciences

Australian Museum

Jenny Newell, Acting Director, Programs, Exhibitions and Cultural Collections

Louise Teteris, Touring Exhibitions Coordinator, Programs, Exhibitions and Cultural Collections

National Museum of Australia

Martha Sear, Acting Head, People and the Environment Curatorial Team

Rowena MacDonald, Producer, Gallery Development

Jilda Andrews, Audience and Experience Coordinator, Life in Australia

George Main, Lead Curator, Life in Australia

Stephen Munro, Curator, Life in Australia

Jennifer Wilson, Curator, Life in Australia

Cameron Muir, Research Fellow, Localising the Anthropocene